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Production Process

mm-07-297569 copysmWhereas other moonshines are made by following traditional Aged Whiskey or Bourbon recipes and excluding the final step of barrel aging, the recipe for Manhattan Moonshine was developed specifically to be a barely aged Whiskey leading to a balanced, flavorful product.  This attention to detail and precise planning for the final product is what makes Manhattan Moonshine so special.

While the barrel-aging process typically overpowers the flavor of the grains in Aged Whiskey, Manhattan Moonshine, because it is barely aged, could be made from grains that traditionally are too subtle for Whiskey: Oats.  The Oats are what give Manhattan Moonshine its signature smooth yet complex flavor.  The development and perfection of the grain bill took more than a year of work balancing the sweet and soft flavor of the Oats with the warm spiciness of the Rye.  Unlike other Moonshines, Manhattan Moonshine does not use corn.  This means that it does not have the grassy harshness that is typical of other Moonshines and White Whiskeys.

We distill our Whiskey in small batches in a handmade Christian Carl pot still with only one activated plate, allowing us to preserve the natural grain flavors and subtle aromatics of the Whiskey, creating the boldest yet smoothest flavor possible.  Finally, once Manhattan Moonshine has been distilled, it is immediately bottled without chill-filtering, significant barrel-aging, or blending, so as not to alter the wonderful flavor that we have carefully crafted.

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\Manhattan Moonshine is produced by The Manhattan Moonshine Company, LLC., New York, NY.  It is bottled at 47.5% ABV and is stored in oak for less than one hour.